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The Savage Frontier

Capital: None

Population: 564,480 (humans 55%, orcs 20%, dwarves 5%, halfelves 5%, elves 4%, half-orcs 4%, halflings 4%, gnomes 2%)

Government: Free cities, tribes, clans

Religions: Nearly all

Imports: Books, manufactured items, magic items, miners, pottery, spices

Exports: Furs, gems, leather goods, mercenaries, precious metals, timber

Alignment: All

The Savage Frontier includes the lands north of the Delimbiyr that are not strictly part of the High Forest, the Silver Marches, the Sword Coast North, or Waterdeep. Compared to the well-cleared lands of the south, much of the Savage Frontier is either rugged mountains or virgin forest. Nonhuman races still hold sway here, and vast regions are virtually untraveled by humans. The elves and dwarves who occupied this land before the humans still make their presence felt—in songs, in attitudes, in place names . . . and in deeds. Many elves and half-elves remained in the North instead of retreating to Evermeet, and the dwarves are reclaiming their ancient kingdoms.

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