Player Races


Many dwarves dwell in the frozen lands. The mountains of the frostfell are just as fi lled with metal ores as elsewhere, after all. Typically, the dwarves of the frostfell differ little from those who dwell in warmer climates. Their mountain citadels are every bit as warm, comfortable, and protected from the environment as elsewhere, heated from within by forges and a multitude of dwarven bodies. Rumors of a race of powerful, magical dwarves persist. Known in tales as the Midgard dwarves, these creatures are mythical beings capable of forging priceless magic treasures and even, the legends say, artifacts

  • Dream Dwarfs Dream dwarves feel the hills slumber beneath them. They see the world as a resting giant of inestimable power, and they are caught in the dreaming. While other dwarves shape metal and stone, dream dwarves contemplate and meditate. Wise and cautious, they understand nature in a way at once similar to and wholly alien to the understanding of druids and shamans of other races.
  • Glacier Dwarves Although many of the frostfell’s dwarves are the same as dwarves in other lands, some have left their ancestral homes in the mountains, seeking an altogether different material from which to forge their weapons and armor. This material, known as blue ice, is found only in the deepest and most ancient glaciers. Blue ice can be forged like metal,but is lighter and keeps a sharper edge. These dwarves have taken to building their underground homes in the hearts of glaciers that carry deposits of blue ice. These glacial mines are similar in many ways to the mountain mines, except that everything is crafted from masterfully carved ice. The dwarves who dwell in these fantastic structures are often known as glacier dwarves.


Elves do not settle the frozen lands in any great numbers, and more than any other race they turn to magic to protect themselves from the environs. Most elves found in the frostfell are travelers, explorers, or outcasts of some sort, forced to f lee their idyllic homeland for some past transgression.

Explorers into the farthest reaches of the ice sometimes return with stories of magnificent ice cities built atop remote mountaintops that are inhabited by snow elves, folk with eyes as white as snow and hair that coils like fragile wisps of cloud. They have no physical resistance to the cold, but their cities are built to shield their citizens from the surrounding environment. As a result, snow elves tend to leave their cities only rarely, and have not had much contact with the outside world.


Of all the common races from the Player’s Handbook, the gnomes are the fondest of the frostfell. Naturally inclined toward nature, the gnomes understand and realize that the frozen lands are just as much a place of the natural world as are the forests and plains of warmer climates. Many choose to relocate to the frostfell simply to experience a new region. Once they arrive, they often become enamored with the glittering landscape (which is not unlike a world carved of gems and crystals, in some cases) and decide to stay. Their naturally high Constitutions, combined with their gift with magic, allow them to make these transitions with ease.

  • Ice Gnomes Gnomes born and raised in the frostfell are often called ice gnomes, if only for their propensity for decorating their homes and villages with elaborate ice sculptures. Ice gnomes possess a different set of spell-like abilities due to their environment and childhood teachings:
  • Chaos Gnome Infused with the spirit of chaos, these gnomes are energetic, flamboyant, and charismatic. They exude a restless, inspirational energy and seldom rest. They also possess uncanny luck and have great talent as sorcerers. Colorful cousins of standard gnomes, they are adventurous; even the most staid among them is prone to wander. Although commonly referred to as chaos gnomes, these precocious humanoids also call themselves “imago” (singular and plural).
  • Whisper Gnome Whisper gnomes outwardly resemble common gnomes, but they lack the jovial nature and easy outlook on life that their more common relatives enjoy. Instead, whisper gnomes are creatures of stealth and suspicion. In profession and behavior, they range from dangerous spies to peaceful recluses. Few members of other races can match a whisper gnome’s powers of stealth, and whisper gnome scouts and rangers always stalk any creatures that come within a few miles of their hidden hillside communities.


Halflings, being both nomadic and curious by nature, often find their communities moving into the frostfell. Popular opinion may believe that halfl ings, with their love of comfort and the pleasurable elements of life, would eschew the unforgiving frostfell as a place to live, but nothing could be further from the truth. Vast regions of the frostfell lie open and unclaimed, making perfect places for halfl ing commonwealths to take root.

  • Tundra Halflings Halflings native to the frostfell are known as tundra halflings, for their affinity to these wide open reaches of the frozen lands. They retain their nomadic lifestyles, but often build permanent structures along the paths their wanderings commonly take; it’s not uncommon for a group of tundra halflings to wander from one empty village to another as the seasons change.


The neanderthals are a feral race of humans, created by the crude and violent deities of the winterlands to dwell in their frozen domains. They are a primitive folk who have never seen the need to become more civilized, usually living in caves or abandoned underground ruins and hunting the surrounding regions with great skill.


Uldras are small fey that dwell in the arctic wilderness, living at peace with the natural world. In particular, uldras are quite fond of the wild animals of the world, and see themselves as the guardians and protectors of such creatures, especially in cases where civilization encroaches. Although they generally prefer to avoid confl ict, they are quick to rise in the defense of local wildlife.


Goliaths are massive creatures unafraid of throwing their weight around in a fi ght. Highly competitive, these strong nomads can prove to be powerful allies and welcome additions to any adventuring party.

Player Races

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