Character Classes


Of all the classes, the barbarian is the most at home in the frostfell. The mere fact that civilization has yet to fully colonize vast reaches of the frostfell means that land is plentiful for barbarians to live their nomadic lifestyle.

Humans, neanderthals, half-orcs, and orcs comprise the majority of barbarians dwelling in most polar frostfell regions, but this isn’t necessarily the norm. Frostfell barbarians often use dire wolves, megaloceroses, tlalusks, and even woolly mammoths as mounts.


Bards from the frostfell are sometimes known as skalds. This name is little more than a regional affectation used to refer to bards who are members of barbarian tribes and are valued for both their story telling abilities and their skills at inspiring their allies for battle.

Of course, not all bards from the frostfell are skalds. Many of them are explorers, exiles, adventurers, or even missionaries from warmer climates, either seeking to bring their reputation into a new region or escape the effects of their reputation in an old one.


Clerics are quite welcome in most frostfell societies, not only for the fact that they can provide valuable healing spells, but because they can help to feed large groups and protect them from the environment.

Spells such as control weather, create food and water, endure elements, heroes’ feast, and resist energy can often mean the difference between life and death in the frostfell, especially in regions often beset with powerful storms or in areas so cold that plants (including all crops) cannot grow. See Divine Domains for the new domains.


Druids are rather common in the frostfell, for much of these regions remain unexplored and unsettled. Vast regions of the frozen land stand as virgin wilderness, and druids are among its most devoted and dangerous defenders.

Some druids seek to help settlers live at peace with the region, but most frostfell druids are cruel and quick to anger. Frostfell druids usually do not select patron deities, since they tend to worship the ideal of the frostfell itself. Here are the frostfell animal companions


Fighters found in the frostfell are usually mercenaries, exiled soldiers, adventurers, bandits, or some combination of all four. New feats can be taken as fighter bonus feats include Cold Endurance, Frozen Berserker, Improved Cold Endurance, Improved Frosty Touch, Sea Legs, and Sugliin Master.


Monks are often drawn to the frostfell as a place to test themselves; a monk who can survive unarmed and with little to no equipment in the frostfell can be sure that she can survive anywhere, and that she has truly attained perfection of the self.

Many monks build monasteries in remote regions of the frostfell so they can separate themselves farther from society; an example would be the Cloud Anchorites, who have chosen the highest mountaintops as their homes.


The ranger is a fairly common sight in the frostfell, whether he is a helpful and devoted woodland guardian and self appointed protector of the frontier or a foul-mouthed bandit aimed at bending the frontier and its settlers to his will.

The ranger’s special abilities make him a natural for dwelling in the frostfell. Appropriate animal companions for frostfell rangers are identical to those listed above for frostfell druids.


Although the majority of their skills and abilities work best in civilized regions, the frostfell is far from an uninteresting place for the rogue. Many find themselves in the frostfell after being exiled or having been forced to flee persecution from civilized lands.

Often, the lawless nature of the frontier towns of the frostfell can seem like heaven to a rogue who has lived most of her life dodging the city watch. Of course, not all rogues are thieves and alleybashers. A fair number of them serve as scouts, explorers, diplomats, spies, and the like; any of these occupations can find ample employment in the frostfell.

Special Abilities: On attaining 10th level, and at every three levels thereafter, a rogue gains a special ability of her choice (see page 51 of the Player’s Handbook). Rogues experienced in frostfell adventuring may select the following special ability in addition to those listed in the Player’s Handbook. Frostfell Terrain Mastery (Ex): The rogue can move about in frostfell environments with great ease and quickness. As long as she is in a cold terrain or region of frostfell (or in a city located in such a region), the rogue gains a +2 competence bonus on initiative checks and a +10-foot bonus to her land speed. She loses these bonuses when she is wearing medium or heavy armor, or is carrying a medium or heavy load.


Sorcerers are commonly found in the frostfell living as hermits, soothsayers, oracles, and other mystical figures. They often serve primitive tribes as spiritual leaders, despite the fact that their spells are arcane in nature. Most frostfell sorcerers have the blood of white dragons in their veins, and as a result they often are exceedingly pale.

Familiar: Sorcerers and in cold climates summon different creatures to serve as familiars than those used by their brethren in more temperate climates. These animals are a good cross-section of arctic animals. The aquatic animals (penguin, puffin, sea otter) can only be called from an ice pack or a coastal region. See Wandering Monsters

Character Classes

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